EMS Shipping Option Put on Hold

We have taken away the EMS shipping option temporarily, until we can ascertain where the hold up is coming from and how to overcome it as there is no point in paying so much more for a shipping method that takes no quicker than the regular mail.

Having no control over the postal service on either side of the pond, all we can do is supply the information as provided by the EMS service.

This is our first experience with EMS shipments, so it is all new to us. The quoted delivery time for international mail through the EMS system is stated to be between 5 & 14 days. However, as far as we can tell, there appears to be a delay on this end owing to the chaotic state of mismanagement of any and all government controlled institutions.

What we have just learned is that items travel from the office we hand in at to a local collections depot, from there to a provincial sorting depot and then onto the international mail sorting depot in Johannesburg, which is in another province, from where all international mail leaves this country.

Having no prior experience with how the EMS system operates, we are unaware of what tracking updates to expect at what point and unable to find any authoritative information.  Once the first batch is delivered we will be able to see what updates to expect at what intervals and can more accurately identify where hold ups occur and what could possibly be done to resolve any problems. Meanwhile we are working with the local post office to try and establish where in the system these EMS envelopes are and to get them moving.

These delays are as frustrating and unacceptable to us as they are to  our patients so we are currently  actively exploring other possibilities to get orders delivered faster

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused, we really thought and hoped this would be the answer to getting orders delivered faster.